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Introducing 12g of Cheesy, Flavor-Packed Protein—A Brand New Snack To Power Your Day!

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In Good Hands is made with 12g of Milk Protein!

Say Hello To Your New Favorite Protein Snack

Delectably puffy, surprisingly nutritious! Introducing our tasty, oh-so-cheesy Protein Puffs made with Real California Milk—the first snack of its kind from In Good Hands. Enjoy it on the go, before and after your workout, or during a much-needed break at the office. With 12g of milk protein and only 1g of sugar, every satisfying crunch is filled with the cheesy, energy-boosting goodness you need to take on the day!

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Multiple generations of farmers from children to adult smile towards the camera.

The crunch you crave, the ingredients you deserve.

Hello, world! As we launch the In Good Hands brand, let us just say: We’re pretty excited to bring you a whole new way to do protein! (Okay, REALLY excited.)

We’re all about giving you the good stuff here: good people, good food, and really good taste. Our dedicated farmers all share the same passion—crafting high-quality, nutritious foods you can feel good about eating. (And if we can get an audible “mmm” after every bite, that’s just a bonus!)