Introducing The Newest (And Tastiest) Way To Power Your Day

Illustrated cow grazing on a hillside.
Family of farmers poses with their herd of cows.

Who knew high-protein snacks could taste SO good? We did—and that’s why we’re here!

We’re In Good Hands, and it’s awesome to meet you! Milk is kind of our thing here—but not just any milk. We’re talking Real California Milk. Add in the highest-quality ingredients, tons of passion, a dash of fun, and voila! You get delicious, nourishing foods packed with integrity, love, and a whole lot of milk protein—12g, to be exact. (But who’s counting?)

Our hard-working California dairy farmers are proud to produce fresh, high-quality milk 365 days a year. (We can’t create good food without it!) The heart and soul of California Dairies, Inc. consist of more than 300 family-owned dairy farms, which have continued to pass down exceptional skills (and love of all things dairy) for generations. Their unwavering dedication to taking care of their land and cows is what creates that fresh milk perfection you’ll find in all of our products. Our success as a company is a direct result of their hard work and commitment, and our gratitude extends well beyond the farmland they work tirelessly to care for!

Moreover, feeling good is easy with In Good Hands since we practice planet-smart farming. Our farmers are stewards of the land and take great measures to ensure ever-advancing sustainable farming practices. Their hard work creates the ingredients you deserve!

Boy holding straw with a shirt that says milk.

And Here’s the Deal:

If our food isn’t good enough for our own families, then it’s not good enough for yours—and that’s why we take so much pride in carefully selecting every last ingredient. Our food shouldn’t just taste amazing; it should make you feel amazing. Our goal is for each protein-packed bite to deliver crunchy, cheesy goodness that your taste buds—and your energy level—will thank you for.

Power up your day with high-protein snacks made with only the ingredients you deserve. After all, is there any other way to make them? (We don’t think so.)

With the protein you need and the flavors you crave, you can feel good about eating—you’re In Good Hands!

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