Cheesy Crunch Tour

Cheesy Crunch Tour

In Good Hands has been busy creating a “mooo-vement” to change the way people snack - and what better way to spread the word than to take our message right to the people! Last month the SoCal Cheesy Crunch Tour connected with tens of thousands of REAL customers and gave them a taste of In Good Hands’ cheesy goodness. Specially designed sampling bikes were ridden by our brand ambassadors, spreading joy and good snacking to everyone they met.

Events like the Malibu Marathon, ‘Run the 110’ plus farmers’ markets and beaches all over SoCal were treated to free samples of In Good Hands White Cheddar and Nacho Cheese Protein Puffs - both featuring 12 grams of high-quality milk protein sourced from California's dairy farm families.

Here’s what some REAL customers had to say:
“I’m obsessed with White Cheddar... made with local CA milk... go get them!’
“This snack is great…cheese flavor & crunch are just right!”

Look for the seal for REAL California Milk and get yours today; and keep an eye out for our next Crunch Tour which may just be headed your way!

For more about why California Dairies, Inc. is committed to making a better tasting, healthier snack packed with 12g of Real Milk protein, check out this article.


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