Why Real California Milk Just Hits Different

Why Real California Milk Just Hits Different

When it comes to dairy products, the source of your milk matters. California is known for many things – picturesque landscapes, famous attractions, and a booming agricultural industry. Among the many products produced in our great state, high-quality milk is at the top of the list – in fact, California produces one-fifth of all the milk produced in the U.S!1

That’s why we’re proud to say that In Good Hands Protein Puffs are a healthy snack made from Real California Milk. Our multi-generational dairy farm families make the best milk – it’s what makes In Good Hands snacks taste better and why they’re better for you. Here’s some things you may not know about Real California Milk:  

Happy and Healthy Cows  

California's climate and geography are ideal for dairy farming. The state's temperate climate, abundant sunshine, and fertile land provide an excellent environment for dairy cows. Happy, healthy cows produce better milk, and California dairy farmers are committed to providing their cows with comfortable living conditions and proper nutrition.

Strict Quality Standards  

California's dairy industry is governed by rigorous quality and safety standards. The state's Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)2 and the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program3 ensure that dairy farmers adhere to strict guidelines on everything from cow health and nutrition, barn, and farm structures, to milk handling and transportation.  

California was also the first state to adopt The National Dairy FARM Program (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management)4 to assist farmers in demonstrating their ethical treatment of dairy cows and to create consistency of dairy animal care practices.

As a result, California milk is consistently produced with the highest standards of quality and safety.  

Cutting-Edge Technology  

Whether it’s California’s innovative “No-Till System5, self-driving tractors, or cloud-based technology6 to improve efficiency, California dairy farms lead the way in adopting innovative technology and sustainable farming practices. This not only increases the efficiency of milk production but also reduces the environmental impact of dairy farming.  

A Commitment to Sustainability 

California is dedicated to preserving natural resources. Our state's dairy farmers prioritize environmental sustainability through measures like methane capture and recycling - including Dairy Digesters7. California dairy farms have reduced their carbon footprint by 45% over the past 50 years and have set a goal to further reduce methane emissions 40% by the end of the decade8. 

Even more impressive is California Dairies’ reduction in water usage9 – the amount of water used to produce a unit of milk is 88% lower than it was 50 years ago! New advancements like drip irrigation are helping our farm families use 47% less water while increasing crop health and yields – leading to billions of gallons of water being saved.

Local Farming and Community Support  

California's dairy industry has deep roots in local communities – including Tulare County, the largest dairy-producing county in the entire nation10. Many of our family-owned and operated farms have been passed down through generations, fostering a strong sense of community and pride in their products. When you choose California milk, you're not just buying a dairy product; you're supporting local farmers and the communities they serve.  

Delicious Taste and Versatility  

Last but certainly not least, California milk is celebrated for its delicious taste and versatility. Real California Milk goes into amazing products like artisan cheeses, gourmet butter, yogurts, and so much more. Whether you're pouring it over cereal, using it in your morning coffee, or whipping up a creamy dessert, California milk adds a rich and satisfying flavor to your favorite recipes.  

California milk's reputation for quality, sustainability, and taste is well-deserved. The state's commitment to stringent standards, healthy cows, cutting-edge technology, and environmental stewardship makes it a leader in the dairy industry. When you choose Real California milk, you're not just selecting a dairy product; you're choosing a higher standard of quality and supporting a tradition of excellence that goes back generations. So, the next time you're at the grocery store, consider reaching for products like In Good Hands Protein Puffs to experience the Real California Milk difference for yourself.

And speaking of California, our Protein Puff brand ambassadors have been all over Southern California spreading the word about the best cheese puff snacks you can find - In Good Hands! Look for our custom sampling bikes at locations near you and read all about the Cheesy Crunch Tour here.

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