Doing Dairy Different

Doing Dairy Different

In Good Hands is making “mooooves” - and getting real attention in the dairy industry for our unique approach to making healthy, tasty snacks.

Thanks to Donna Berry, a renowned Food Scientist, for including us in her blog, Berry on Dairy. In the article titled “Doing Dairy Differently in 2024: Creative Approaches to Keeping Dairy Relevant” she calls out innovators to watch in the coming year - and we’re honored to be among them!

Here’s some of what she had to say about our recent SoCal Cheesy Crunch Tour:

“Here’s how you move a new product. Dairy farmer-owned functional snacking brand In Good Hands elevated dairy proteins to a culinary delight on its SoCal Cheesy Crunch Tour in November. Tens of thousands of these cheesy protein puffs were sampled and received rave reviews.

To connect with consumers who appreciate delicious, better-for-you snacks, In Good Hands representatives rode around on bike carts at a variety of events that cater to marathon runners, fitness enthusiasts, foodies and those with a penchant for farmer-produced fare, passing out bags of the cheese puffs.”

You can read the full article HERE and, for even more REAL fun, watch people’s reactions to trying In Good Hands Protein Puffs for the first time HERE.


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